Tempo-Tots offer LiVE music making classes as a developmental tool for pre-school children aged 3 months to 4 years in Twickenham and Woking in Surrey, as well as other franchise locations across the UK. 

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 Each class includes a variety of musical and physical activities to meet the needs of the particular group. But that's not all! Each class incorporates a weekly theme with stories, bubbles, puppets, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments!!

Born from Charlotte’s extensive experience as a Music Therapist, Tempo Tots offers LiVE music making as a developmental tool for little ones aged 3 months to 4 years 

At Tempo Tots we offer a safe space where you as caregivers can explore the benefits and connection between music and the development of your little one. Support and communication tools will be on hand for help with any concerns you may have during your journey.

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"Thank you so much Charlotte. We had a great time- one of the best groups we have been to. Loved the fact that it was fast moving and very interactive, perfect for Florence. We will definitely be back."

Lucie, mum of Florence 

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Tempo Tots provides live music making classes for young children in Woking and Twickenham.

We also offer music services to schools, music therapy and children's holiday courses.

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