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How to book a session

Sessions can be booked in a week in advance through the online booking system.

Please go to the HOW TO BOOK found on the website

You will then be asked to become a member and sign up.  This is required for track and trace and attendance records.  Once you are a member you can then book into your chosen class.

Please go to chosen venue, time and age group to book your class.  

The booking online system is live.

Each class is £9.00 for one child.

For Existing Tempo Tots card holders

For those who have outstanding sessions on their pre-paid Tempo Tots cards you will still be required to become a member online, book into your chosen session time and venue and pay.  Please then bring your pre-paid Tempo Tots session card with you to the class and on arrival your card will be stamped, attendance recorded and then the funds will be refunded.  

For New Tempo Tots members

For those who are new to Tempo Tots please sign up on the website to become a Tempo Tots member this will allow you to then book into your chosen session time, venue and payment.

Waiting list

For classes which are full, waiting lists shall be created, although please do look and see if spaces are available in other times as the age bracket is flexible and the class facilitator has the ability to shape and adjust content to meet the needs and ages of those attending.

If a member has cancelled their booking (within the 24 hour notice period) a space shall become available for those on the waiting list. Members will be alerted via email.  There is then a window of 30minutes for members to book a place/s before the next person on the list is alerted.

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